Saturday, May 24, 2003

hey yall...ok so i got a complaint that i hadnt updated recently. my bad. i have been somewhat busy lately. actually, ima bout ta bounce rite now but ima write up in here real quick. so yeah prom rocked--even though i had two in a row. it was chill. i passed out at my own after prom cause i was so tired. lol. neway, umm on guy news - me and my sig other broke up. its chill tho. it was way mutual and we are still tite. i just hope we really can still be friends cause ross is pretty pimp. In other love those transitions...neway...yeah i totally already started my summer partying-thank you diana and scott (and scotts friend~the sprite guy). Three more days of high school and then im a college woman! yay! i cant believe it tho. yall are so awesome and ima totally miss all you guys. we have to chill this summer and becca and marshall....if yall break your promise to me, i think ima have to trip. Jeff, you are totally all talk. Paula, Rachel, Nick, Rachel~i would say ima miss you but im not! I'll see yall at UTSA next year! i hope i see some of yall at fish training for Kempner. ima go check out the babies for next year....and no i dont mean craddle robbing style. neway, i gotta go....ima go work on my summer time skills. luv yall...peace.