Thursday, May 01, 2003

i dont feel good. but shhhh dont tell my mom. she doesnt kno. i want to be able to go out and go to galveston this weekend. neway, didnt have to go to school until 11:45 this morning, and so di and i ate at la madeline. it was great. then we went to star bucks but i didnt get nething cause i really wasnt in a coffee mood. but yeah diana spilled shit on her at la madeline so we had to go home so she could change....exciting day eh? well ima bounce. peace

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

hey hey hey....sorry about the lack of excitement in here. my life has been a mad house. Im having such a great time this year! wow...i cant believe its almost over! school is pretty much done for just going cause of exemptions. they have taught me to their fullest capacity! hehe....well not really, but i dont really have that much work left to do and i think i finally understand stats a lil bit. hmmm well wat can i say? band trip rocked my world so hard core. it was amazing. i busted out with the stobe and laura weinman and i danced. it was so much fun and then six flags, i got like 3 shades darker....which isnt hard but none the happy. plus this weekend i get to go to galveston, so hopefully i will get even more tan. neway...six flags, we got 8 awards! And then we rode kick ass rides and the guys were crackin me up all day long! we rated girls and i would pick em and they would tell me what they rated them, and then i would either agree or was great. and kinda funny too cause then we found out these other kids were doing the exact same thing we were. lol...oh man...grant and jon are awesome. they stuffed the mask in their pants and wore it for the picture on the roller coaster. i cant wait to get those pics developed! man...this year is amazing. and i cant wait to see ross again. poor guy has been sick, but hopefully i'll see him soon. omg...shilpi asked my bro to prom. what a shocker rite? well apparently she told a shit load of people she wanted to ask like 2 months ago so besides paula and phillip, i was totally like the last one to kno. neway...he said ok so thats pimp, and i think ima have to invite him to my after party. im not sure my friends will like that but i cant abandon my lil bro. he really isnt THAT bad you guys. neway, i have to go to girl scouts. oy...that sounds so retarded. lol peace yall