Thursday, April 10, 2003 this day never end? prom is just messed up. i wish people would just stop dicking me around. and i kno that something is gonna happen or there is gonna be mad drama and everyone is gonna trip and mess things up. on top of that, i have a feeling that someone is not gonna pay up and ima lose like $200. oh wellz....lifes a bitch. neway...i hope he is ok...he said he was feeling horrible yesterday. he is a special guy...and he scares the shit outta me. and band concert tonite. i hope yall dont come. ima screw up hardcore on my solo. i cant get it. i dunno why. i only suck when things are important....why is that? well i gotta go shower and do my music history project that was due a month ago.
dont read this unless you wanna hear alot of bitching about a crappy article in the school news paper. I warned kno who you are...i hated your article. i hate all of your articles. they are so incredibly bias and im sorry, but our school has much bigger things to worry about than racism. Shoot...our school is so incredibly diverse...its not even funny. most of us prolly have friends from every continent, if not all of the major countries of the world, so i dont understand why you find it necessary to write about how racism is rampant throughout our district. Why cant you write about something that is important to the school. You could write about the 23 pregnant teenagers that we have wondering around kempner--most of which are juniors by the way. You could write about the lack of decent teachers, funding that is aimed primarily at groups that dont really even need that much funding, teen suicide...we have way to many problems with that, or even run away teens...hell i know 3 people that moved out of their house just this week alone. my point is, write something that is going to catch the attention of students that are going to read the paper. you could end up making a difference a students life. isnt that a writer's purpose? to make a difference? as of now, you are just pissing the hell out of everyone at school. Not even your own race agrees with a lot of what you have to say. doesnt that tell you something? And on top of that, i dont understand why, if you are going to write about racism, dont you include editorials from college newspapers like the one from U of H that talked about killing Muslims? All you see is black and white....well i have news for you....other races do exist.....and we are NOT all racist against African Americans. I dont understand why you think it is ok for black people to make fun of white people but, suddenly, when a white person gets tired of it and throws one innocent remark back, everything should get turned up side down to punish that person. suspension isnt good enough for a racial slur? fuck that would mess up my life hard core if i got suspended. besides that...did you take into consideration what prompeted the slur? no...i didnt think so. maybe you should do better research and actually interview all the other decent editors do. editor, you would have thought that your column would have been flawless but there were also numerous mechanical errors. need to get your act together and write about something we care about.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

ok sorry template got deleted somehow so i had to redo music nemore. oh wellz...the rest of you will be happy. peace
alrite...i have to take the music off the site *tear*. not everyone enjoys it. But, never fear those who appreciate it!!! im just gonna move it to the top, so they can see where to turn it off. Its the bottom right button if you want it off. paula told this nasty ass joke today in goes something like this...."how does a gay guy fake an orgasm?" kno? you? throws hot yogurt on your back! i kno...yuck rite? well we tried to tell lonny the joke and she was like what? a pint of yogurt? pineapple yogurt? was amusing. neway, economics is kicking my ass up and down and i think ima end up having to take 3 of my finals. ima go study stats. talk to yall latahz.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

hey yall...i just wanna apologize up front if im pissy with you in the future or have been the last couple of weeks. I have just been having some college issues that my mother and i dont agree upon and its creating somewhat of a stressful environment for me. I kno...i shouldnt make excuses. i act how i act on my own free will and making excuses is the pussy way out. well neway...i went to San antonio this weekend and it was a blast! lol...paula and i have so many new inside jokes...its great. oy...terrain! hehe...sorry...i wont make yall suffer thru confusion. neway....ima bounce cause i have this project im suppose to do.