Wednesday, April 02, 2003

you guys!!!! today is awesome....ok so i got completely raped by that econ test and i didnt do so hot on that timed writing, but come on! today rocks! life rocks! YOU rock! in such a good mood. I hope everyone else is having a good day too. I actually wasnt in a good mood until i went for a walk. awww...i love my little town out in the middle of nowhere...everyone is so nice. I mean i wasnt too fond of the random people that stare at me as i walked, but you kno...youre gonna have that no matter where you are. But the people....the people are so nice....they all said hi and this cute cute little girl asked me what my name was and then told her mom she liked "that lady". hehe...i was that lady! awww i want a baby! well maybe not a baby...but a little girl like that. and then i started thinking about college....and ima miss all yall. i thought of a lil list of things that ima miss about yall: chillin, don't half a cow, Naranja....banana....cereza!, podemos hacerlo toda la noche!,, mr watson, the heat (109 yall) the rain (that was the best practice ever...we were so hyped) the the lightning(with our metal conductors), competitions, Band Lockins!, band trips...NEW YORK!!!("shake your napkin!")...Utah...San Antonio....Dallas, homecoming (Everything I do, I do it for you...over and over and over again), Games (Iron Man! Zulu Lunchbag...Carry on...purple haze ( fog)...Tequila(aka the drinking song)...Land of 1000 Dances (aka land of 1000 wrong notes), junior year 11-1! COUGAR HIGH!, Alka-seltzer tablets, bone dance, drunk soloists, pep rallies (powder puff!), rowdy flags with big metal poles, CHICKEN DANCE!, Mr. Severns (last game speech), Dr Kerr's random noise...."BUS! shhh....he can hear you!", bussell skiing in the hall, Dancing!!!! ( Games, Bus, flute party, Utah), lunch time (spitting nachos on carlos and suraag), late night study sessions...for econ tests :-P....and chem....and physics....and history....and geom/alg II/precal/calc(i only made it 2 six weeks you guys!)....and bio I...and stats....and all those other hard ones, the little german Kleinshmidt, Senior Market day, Sleep day in Psych, drama drama drama, throw down ( we got your back lonny!), trips to Galveston, music history 1st period, "hiding" with paula and lonny, playing "the game"...matt almost had a throw down with alex paula!, 3 strikes and then its your fault, "getting into shape", parties! (the video tapes of the parties....shhh), making a scene, and so many more...cant wait till graduation! LOVE YALL!

Monday, March 31, 2003

omg i forgot to tell Laura K to get well soon! I hope those pain killers are helpin! We love ya! and good luck in surgery!
hey kiddos! sooooooo the past three weeks have been somewhat lame but i made it, so whatever. its all chill now. well not really, but it will be. im positve. almost. well sorta. oy neway, so this is the past three weeks in a nut shell....a rather large nut shell...what can i say? im from texas...i like everything big. im not really gonna say in specifics certain things cause, tho it does effect me, it isnt my place to announce things like this to the world--especially if the news is already slowing down a bit. so i didnt get the scholarship to A&M ROTC but thats chill cause i wasnt accepted anyway. We didnt need them neway did we Nathan and Marshall?! My mom isnt really supporting my decision to go to UTSA and then transfer to UT after i get my degree to get my masters. She wants me to go to Blinndergarten. Im sorry but im not taking a freaking bone that Aggieland throws me. just doesnt feel rite nemore and i feel like i need to follow my instincts. I always get burned if i dont. And im sorry if you are pissed at me for not trying anything to go to A&M but i realized that Aggieland wasnt really what i need rite now. im not you and maybe trying anything to get in isnt the path my life needs to lead. This is how i figure make a plan, then God laughs at you and tells you what you are really gonna do. It just wasnt meant to be. I mean...i am gonna come visit cause my sister is there, but i think maybe i got caught up in the social scene rather then the academics and what i truly need is a good education. A&M would give that to me, but i think i can do better starting new and on my own....without elders trying to guide me. I dunno...thats just me. I need to learn and experience. i cant always take everyone else's advice. so this is for me...not anyone else---just me. sorry...i just had to tell a couple of people that wont take time outta their day to listen to my reasoning. perhaps they will understand now. I went to Utah...MORMAN COUNTRY!!!! it was really pretty, and i had an awesome time but i definately busted my elbow when i took out another skier. I danced for 3 hours straight that night and was soooo sore the next day, but it was so much fun. I finally got an ID so Clubs here i come! so and so ran away and told me not to tell her adult where to but i feel somewhat of an obligation to. I mean...she sorta ran away...her adult kinda kicked her out at the same time tho...but neway...yeah...thats kinda suckage. senior market day kicked ass! lisa and i made a huge $160 i think....maybe $130, but we still ended up doing better than most everyone else. Plus we got really really neato stuff. rite now i am procrastinating writing scholarship essays but i should really get on that cause i think one of them is due tomorrow. its chill tho cause its via email. Happy birthday to Andrea! finally 18! for ok this is a long ass entry but i figure since i havent written in like forever...its ok. Oh! hopefully on thursday, im going to go see Kiss Me Kate. I really hope things work out, and i really want Rosster to meet a few of my friends. It would be really pimp. Oh! San Antonio trip is coming up! i get to room with Cj, Victoria, Emily, Zara, and LAURA!!! word! its gonna be sooooo and laura are gonna cause a scene! i cant wait! we are gonna dance alllll weekend long. lol...i think we may get into trouble, but its chill...i dont mind. ok...i really have to go work now and yall are prolly tired of listening to me go on and on and on....peace.