Wednesday, March 05, 2003

im tired of waiting for it. i give up. I got my DODMERB results back and they said i qualified, so the only thing i need now is that damned letter. sooooo tired of waiting. i just want it to come. i wake up every morning and wait all day in hopes that it will come. i dun even care what it says nemore....i just wanna kno one way or another. today, me and the belizian had a moment when we beat up on the mexican. it was great but he said he hates white people. its sad....everyone hates white people....its not my fault...damn this reverse discrimination. oh wellz...its chill. over all it was a mediocre day so ima bounce. oh! i went to the DPS and i got the darn line NAZI....she was such a bitch. oy...i hate the DPS people. neway...the other one i got was so sweet but ima bounce fo sho now. peace.