Tuesday, February 25, 2003

omg today was soooo grueling! it was hideous....omg...oy....i cant believe this. how could it be sooooo incredibly horrid?! ha! jk!!!! today was the most awesome day ever. There are only two things that could make it even more perfect, but those two things arent going to happen today. Its chill tho...today was still wonderful! and i still have so much more to go! oh...i kno...there will be some work in there. i have to write an essay and study stats, but i think it will be a marvelous day. I woke up this morning soooo late....not wat yall think tho....TAKS! i didnt have to get up!!!! i got up at 8:30 so diana and i could go out to eat at la madeline! mmmmmmmm soooooooooooooooooooooo incredible. And on such a cold, rainy day. Oh it was grand. I had strawberry romanoff and a hash brown. mmmm cant go wrong with that. ha! and i was like di, i could totally make this myself and proceeded to tell her that there was "sour cream, powdered sugar, vanilla....and some sort of alcohol...oh yes....brandy" and she was like how do you kno that? ha...she doesnt kno my step mom and i cook together and that i have eaten food like this since i was like 2. she thought i was an alcoholic at first but i was like no...its just, i kno thats what they use for stuff like this. And she was like oh...ok. it was amusing. awww she is so funny too, she didnt kno what to get, so she just got what i got. lol...she is such a sweety. awww and the people at my coastal banc kno me! they dont even ask for my SS # nemore cause i dun have ne ID. hehe....then we went to Eckard's and got my pics! awww the flute party! omg and ross is such a hottie. *sigh*...so dreamy. neway....im happy now cause i can put that pic in my boy friend slot on my wall! it was such a lonely lil hole, but now it is filled. AND! i saw a BMW Z3 Roadster....cargasm...AND diana took me by my house! HOUSEGASM!!!!! lol....econ was hilarious too. Rebecca was talking about how she used her daddy's razor and her dad got pissed and adam was like "yeah...I used a girl's leg razor before". That totally sounds hilarious outta context. oh man. Yall are so much fun. and then we got up to leave for lunch cause the bells werent ringing and mr kleinshmidt tripped so bad...he was like where are yall going?! and we were like....lunch...hehe...he was all like oh...my bad. awww the little german man. he is such a cutie sometimes. we saw a pic of him in his lieder hosen when he was coming from germany. he was such an adorable little boy. sigh...ima miss high school but im ready to be gone. HA! and travis tried to get the pictures by giving me a massage, yeah....he ended up yoinking them but who cares, i got a really awesome massage! then i had to chase bussell around the band hall because she found this pic. i ended up on top of her and the guys had already seen the twister pic of me and her and they were like hey! thats only for the twister board you two! lol...it was funny, but ima bounce. peace yall

Monday, February 24, 2003

ok so i totally forgot to tell yall about the afternoon of today. ummm...ok so mr severns made us sing in band and yeah...that was aight. and then in english, nick turned around to talk to lonny. and apparently he had this weird ass look on his face cause she was all like "what is wrong with your face?!" and he got this sad look on his face and molly was all like "that has to be the funniest out of context thing i have heard all day long!" omg it was so incredibly funny. yeah...so that was the highlight of the day. but neway....yeah so those were the funny things and tonight i have NHS so hopefully something tite will happen tonite. interesting things always happen at NHS. lol...stupid smart people's club. neway peace.
word up all my homies! hehe...im such a cracker! The ultimate Cracker! Cracker jacks? no...maybe saltines...cause i am a lil bitter to the taste...in other words...well yall get it i think....mmmm....crackers....what about animal crackers!!!! i love animal crackers! lol...yall remember dont half a cow? ok...so i thought it was funny. it was a good pun. this weekend was so much awesomeness. Yeah...the flute party was tite. it sounds gay but i kno all you guys wanted to be here! and yall are just jealous cause greg m. got to be surrounded by 20 girls all night long and yall were stuck chillin with your hands down your pants....we kno yall sit like that when we arent around. lol. ok so yeah it was fun and then saturday was even better. I had to help my aunt pick up her quilt jazz but then she took us to ninfas so i got my payment. mmmm mexican. cant go wrong with mexican. unless it makes you ill....but it doesnt make me ill so its not really an issue. Then i went and hung out with ross and some of his friends. It was a blast. they are such awesome people. yeah so oh yeah! shout out to matt for gettin in to A&M!!! GIG'EM! ok now i have to go study some stats...must make an 'a'. I figure if i aim high, i have a better chance of reaching my goal. so im aiming 95 and hoping for 90. its a dream i kno, but the people in my stats class were hatin on me and eric today. Its chill eric....we can take the exam together. I wonder if she would let us do a partner test....maybe you kno the half of the stuff that i dont. lol...well neway...ima bounce and learn. peace yall