Tuesday, February 18, 2003

oh dear god all the drama. people need to not trip nemore. eh...everything is chill now. me and matt are still friends and me and rachel are still chill. she respects my decision to apologize. so neway, yeah...today was interesting but im too damn tired, so im not gonna write...drama takes it outta me. peace

Monday, February 17, 2003

omg!!!!! i have the most amazing man ever! ok so for v-day, he came over and brought me tulips to begin the evening. They were so pretty and he got me this card that made me laugh like crazy. hehe....so then i had no idea where we were headed and like stupid me didnt even realize until we got rite up on the place. Oy....sometimes i can be such a dork. Neway....he got me an autographed Sam Cassell basketball card!!!!!! I was soooooo excited! its sitting by my bed lol...i kno...i need to get some medicine...im addicted to sports...they are just so much fun. Neway...so then he took me to the rocket's game! they lost but its all gravy cause i had a blast. Then we were going to go to this one restaurant but it closed so he took me to la grotto which was absolutely fantastic! oy...the greatest guy ever. I got the girly nice stuff AND i got the sports...now how many of you can say that you can find a guy that is smart enough to combine like all of your faves into one night? it was so much fun. Then on saturday, diana and i made our men lunch, lasagna and all that jazz. Then we took them to the Water wall. We sorta kidnapped them for the day. It was great cause ross ALWAYS guesses what we are doing and what i plan before i do it. Its not fair...and he didnt even have an idea. We thought he did when he busted out with "look! theres the transco tower" while we were on 59 but it was a false alarm. It woulda made me so mad, but he did figure it out once we got to post oak. lol...diana couldnt parallel park so we just waited for the people behind us to move. Neway, we took em to dulce & freddo after that and it was soooooo funny on the way over there cause ross totally had no idea where we were going until we were rite there. It made me so happy. So we chilled there for a while and then went to the bowling alley. but it was an hour and a half wait so we went to starbucks and i read certain books to them and made them slightly uncomfortable cause i was reading em all loud and stuff. We went back to the bowling alley and had a blast and then came home. it was such a great weekend and then on sunday, he got to talk to my family which, im sure, was an experience for him. lol...my family is so trippy. ima bounce tho cause my mom is getting mad i think. peace