Saturday, February 01, 2003

wow...sorry its been a while. I've been sick *coughs pathetically*. awww rite now im at home alone. I hate being home alone. i always feel like no one cares when im here by myself. way too dependent on my social life. grrrr...ross is using his bet to get me to drive, but i dun want to. What are the benefits? nothing good can come outta it. hmff...i kno i kno...i eventually need to learn but just scurred. neway...awww you guys didnt hear about my b-day! it was awesome! he is the greatest! went outta his way just to spend time with my and put up with my family! well....he always does. Oh! and then senior girls was really fun too! i wont write about it but if you wanna kno, you can ask me. so happy rite now. its the first time in like ages that i have been content with my life. but im so confused! i shouldnt be happy today because of the Columbia *God Bless them*, but so many good things are happening today. Rosster got into NYU!!!!! Big congrats on that one! Wow....*tear* we are all going to college. Ima miss you guys so much! lets see.... Diana-Sam Houston, Paula - UTSA, Lisa C- A&M (crosses fingers...she'll make it, i kno she will), Lonny- A&M, Rachel- UTSA, the Belizian-UTSA, Tina-Stanford (woo woo the smart people!)and hopefully me at A&M. I cant remember where everyone else is going rite now, but i'll rite yall down as i find out. But woo hoo for everyone going to college! seniors rock my world! I wanna apologize to kno who you are....about that whole thing. i see how its similar but i want you to kno that i wouldnt ever do nething that would jeopardize...well yeah...neway. im sorry. and i dont ever apologize so thats like a one time thing. lol....neway....ima bounce. peace yall