Thursday, January 23, 2003

Ok....does it bother anybody else that Purina Dog Chow owns Jack in the Box? I just am not too thrilled at the idea of a dog food company making my burgers....i guess i shouldnt really complain though. I do eat cafeteria food and only God knows whats in that. lol....remember the soy dick paula? neway....i think i have finally decided that, with the exception of a few people, cheerleaders have the intellectual equivalence of a rock. Today in sociology, we were playing jeopardy. One of the questions asked dealt with the idea that Germany was against the US going to war with Iraq while England and the US were for it. The question was, "What greater organization are all of these countries a part of?" Of course, the only logical answer...the cheerleader rings in, "The Earth?" I had the opportunity to make fun of the answer, but when they dont understand the mocking, its really just not worth the effort. Neway, the next cheerleader proceeds to the front of the class to play her turn. She gets to the front and she is allowed to choose the category. Here's the exact dialogue. "wow...I've never gotten to choose the category before....i dunno what to pick." "A'lissa, Which should i choose?" . Now tell me why in God's name would you choose the category that your opponent has picked as her choice? Wouldn't a normal human select one that she knows would possibly stump the opposite team? So of course....she chose history for 4. wow...what a surprise....neither of them knew the answer and they just stood there staring at each other. It makes me so proud to know how well the public education system is doing with my fellow peers. Neway, the highlight of my day was when i went to Sugar Land Middler School. All the kids loved us and the flutes were absolutely darling. Mrs. Yancey didnt recognize me. She said she walked rite by and didnt kno who i was. And then when mr. severns introduced me, she was all thinking, "but lisa isnt here". So yeah...i guess its a good thing cause i was really ugly back in the day. Yeah ya'll say...."back in the day? sweety look in the mirror." guys are so predictable. Yay tho! its 9:40 so ima be officially 18 in 25 hours, 50 minutes! Its all about the clubs and the belly button ring. Im so excited! But ID so i cant really do nething. But congrats to Michael for making it into the Navy Flight School! He said that he has some type of training this summer after graduation, then he will go to Pensacola Florida for Flight School in the Fall. I'm so proud of you cous! Hope you rock the sky, but be careful kiddo! Love ya!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Have ya'll ever had one of those days that just seemed nothing you could do could ever be wrong and everything is rite for the first time in ages. Today is most definately one of those days for me. I dont think anything can top days like this. It started off with waking up into a blistering cold room. It was soooo refreshing....i was all cuddled up under my huge covers and my black blankie with my little flute buddy next to me for comfort. My head was sunk into my pillows and it just seemed like life should be everyday. So i got up and got my shower and got ready with time to spare, so i made a somewhat healthy and delicious lunch....mmm....its so great to know you arent going to have to risk your life by eating some sort of hard, stale bread with soy meat (at least i hope thats what is was) that they try to pass off as bbq rib burgers. AND!!! i had time to grab a decent breakfast too! I had a banana, cereal and water....i love water...its second only to....well...something counter productive to water. neway...paula was thrilled with me cause....lets just say i made her night and i got to spend all first period talking to mr. severns. ima miss him so much, but i think im going to treasure every moment i have left with these people. I love them so much. All of them....forever and matter what happens or where we all end up. They are always there for me and try to help me whenever i need something....thanks rock! then like the timed writing i was so worried about turned out to be a breeze....just a lot of imagery and was awesome. Mr. k rules! lol...he talked to us in German today. he is the titest german guy I kno! remember that other german guy? god...he always tried to look up our shorts during band. and he was like....oh well its ok for us to do this in germany. lol...he tried to be a playa but failed. OMG you kno who is a playa! i taught him soooo well! jeffry! i was sooooo proud....*tear* my little playa....but my playaette days are over for now. it got sorta old....and i got names neway...i hit all my runs in band and we were site reading! wowzers! it was such a good feeling. and dana, annie and i all danced to her mad awesome music. hehe...we were booty dancin in the car! Now im sitting here eating my chile. what a great was cold and now im all warm and cuddly again....cant get much better then this. Love you guys! peace.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003 im devoting my entry to all the guys out there. Ima help yall out a bit. here is a list of what is appropriate and what is not so appropriate when you are chillin with a girl. some of them seem obvious, but either I have gotten some of these lines or my friends have gotten them, so just be aware of what you are doing when with a girl----even if she isnt your kno...she could be a just chill and try to be a little more smooth.
1) Appropriate: giving one of your girl friends a hug to say hello and telling them they look nice.

NOT appropriate: it isnt appropriate to give your girl friends a hug, grab their asses, and say 'daaaaammnn look HOOOOTTTTT today.' ---- even if she IS your woman.

2) Appropriate: walking down the hall/street and doing a quick, unnoticeable glance at the hot chick you haven't ever seen before.

NOT appropriate: walking down the hall/street and doing a double take, following her with your eyes, head, and completely turning around to catch a better view then stating 'damn....did you see that girl...I'd like a piece of THAT.' this isn't even ok if you are with your best friend that just happens to be a girl.

3) Appropriate: Going on a road trip to Florida because the chicks are hot, but telling the girls you are going with that you wanna go because 'The weather rocks, the surfing is tite, and you wanna check out a couple of colleges.'

NOT Appropriate: Going on a road trip to Florida because the chicks are hot, and telling the girls you are going with that 'The action is prime, the babes are tan and in little bikinis, and the college chicks are wild.'

4) Appropriate: Taking a girl to a party, and telling her that 'you thought you two could have an awesome time together and loosen up after a hard week of studying'. when you really mean that 'you thought you two could freak dance and get drunk with a little after party action.'

NOT appropriate: Asking her to go to a party by telling her 'there's a beer with your name on it....and then once you get drunk, we can get our freak on.' ....common guys...that one shoulda been a given...and yes....we do get sounds stupid when its written down and youre sober doesnt it guys? maybe you should think about these things.

5) Appropriate: ok...this one is a little thing but will get you pretty far with the chicks. Respect your mother and say yes ma'am no matter how stupid you think she is. By showing respect to your mom, you display that you respect all women and you care about the softer side of the human race. You get brownie points if the girl happens to hear you tell your mom 'night mom (mommy is really cute too)....I love you.' It works best if she "accidently hears you while you are on the phone with her" while you are "trying to be discrete about it". Most girls will give you an "awwww how cute". It hits us rite in the heart if yall do that. unless the chick is a bitch and then you dont want her neway.

NOT appropriate: Talking trash to your mom while your girl is on the other line or even worse, standing rite there. I dont care how wrong you think your mother is.....NEVER second guess her in front of a girl. Just say yes ma'am and apologize....this can change depending on the situation, but a mother is forever and girls come and go...just remember that.

6) Appropriate: planning a romantic night out with your woman and putting a ton of thought into it. Its ok to expect something in return but dont try to force nething on her, just "be understanding" and dont pull lines outta your ass like 'if you loved me, you would do this for me', 'baby...i trust you with my life, cant you just trust me with this', 'you mean the world to me, dont i mean anything to you?', or 'i understand....i just thought you loved me as much as i love you'. You can use lines like 'i understand....i dont want to ruin what we have between us. The energy we have is more special to me than anything physical could ever be.' or 'i respect you and i'm not going to pressure you to do anything you arent ready for'. As long as its caring and sounds sincere, you can get yourself outta any hole.

NOT appropriate: Dropping by her house, displaying the key you just picked up from the roach motel down the street and saying 'You ready? i am.'

7) Appropriate: you can say things that are corny, just dont expect much more than an awww and a giggle. If you really truly want a girl to swoon for you, you have to say something sincere. Trust me....we can usually tell if you are being sincere or not. Sometimes we dont care either way and just want some action ourselves...yes....girls ARE horny. you just have to catch us in a good mood or put us in one. some girls are horny 24/7, but you have to be lucky to get a girl like that...or in college.

NOT appropriate: Dont say things like....'lookin good, lets fuck.', 'is that a mirror in your pants cause i can definately see myself in them', 'the word of the day is legs, so lets go back to my place and spread the word', 'that shirt is very becoming on you, but of course i'd be cumming if i was on you too'....basically....dont make an ass outt yourself. Any chance you did have with her is now gone and you are gonna be left to chill by yourself.

ok....thats all for now, i'll write more at a later date....those are just recent events. i know....i cant believe some guys say things like that either. But not condoning lies with this, im just being realistic. But if you wanna get a girl that doesnt hate you half the time, you have to mold your speech to her personality. Just be careful what you do or you may end up with a hand print on your face and no action for a VERY long time.

Monday, January 20, 2003

ok so heres the deal people. I didnt like my other site nemore, but i didnt think it was fair to not allow some of yall to see my old entries, so i just pasted em. which is why they all have the same date, but i copied the old date with the old info too...neway...doesnt really tired and i have to finish my work. this was just sorta a break for me. ill update links laterz.
Monday, January 20, 2003

ok last night i had a lot to say. well....i always have a lot to say but i try to keep it concise....well...nevermind...whatever. neway.....yeah so i have tons of work i have to do and im really sorry for not sending that stuff for english yet you guys. im really working on it. i promise. i'll do it after i write this stuff up. so omg! today was a chill day with my mom. i love these days. they rock! lets see....we went and helped my aunt move from my grandma's to her house. cept she has been living in her house for so long now. i dunno really worried about my grandma....she is gettin a lil old and her house was left real trashy by my aunt and uncle. i think ima go over all spring break and help her fix it up. Phillip and i kno a lot about redoing houses like that. so we may bust out the old walls and put up new ones and pull up that nasty carpet and work on the hard wood floors. i bet we could get her house lookin tite. and i think mom and i are gonna go look for new furniture and give her our old stuff. cause its still usable, just she needs something. neway...yall dont care. but i think thats what ima do sides Salt Lake. oh yeah...then my mom and i went shopping and had a blast. lol...i always have a blast with my mom tho....she rules....i swear she is the best mom ever. AND SHE CAR DANCED!!!!!! it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! omg i love life. omg and he will be so proud of me!!! i nearly tripped when i saw it....way to be amiguous rite? lol .... omg! and then we saw these old ladies there and started talking to them and this one old lady was like .... can i ask? ... are you minerva's daughter? and i nearly fell on the floor in amazement! the lady new my granny!!!!! i was like was mad crazy...that jazz was messed so stupid. but it really was trippy! she was like you just looked so familiar. gosh....i would expect something like that at church....but there? in a random store...seriously...i think everyone knows everyone thru someone in the houston area. cause you tell one thing to one person and then like two days later, someone on the whole other side of houston knows! its crazy. OH!!!! and i bought a new hat AND a new pair of shoes...god im such a girl...diana just told me Then i went running for the first time in a month and i feel so bad. i wanted to hurl. i did horribly. im so outta shape. but its kool...i'll get back to where i was. and i did run a took me 15 minutes to run from greywood, to pinecroft, down the ditch to SLMS back up the ditch to bournewood, and then back to Greywood, so its not that bad. i mean i kept a steady pace but i feel like crap now. oh!!! Im really happy that he spent all day doing service work...he is such a good person....ok wellz....ima do this stuff for lonny, nick, and molly now. Happy MLK day!
5:21 PM
Sunday, January 19, 2003 this is whats up. First of all, i wish you hadnt lost mom is eventually gonna figure things out. oh wellz....i still think its kinda funny...what was the last thing i told you? dont lose it....what did you do....and in an honors class im sure...oy...oh wellz. at least there was no connection to me. lol....and then like ross is so amiguous with everything. its mad hilarious tho. cause like i'll ask him something and he always takes the political way out. its great. i really hope he does become president. i would vote for him and you all should too. he is a sweety. oh! and i totally won that bet soooo owe me...i just have to figure out what. hmmm....perhaps sexual jk...i dunno what i want but it will definately be good. and of will claim that i read the score board wrong and that the Raiders didnt really win, but just wait till SB baby....just you wait. okland is gonna ass rape tampa. I love that my b-day is always around Super Bowl weekend. It like happy b-day to me! woohoo! Football is the best sport ever invented. its weird tho....omg...what if i marry a man who doesnt love sports...i think i would die. i would be all like look....if you dun wanna watch the game, thats can make yourself useful and make some sandwiches or! i would be like the "man" is not happening. its gonna be awesome....ima marry a man who wants to watch sports and have lots of sex. its imparitive. hmm...that sounds like i could pick up just any guy....but wait....even and the same time....with no one getting angry that the other is watching the game. perfect....and he has to be muscular...lots of muscle....and between 5'10 - 6'2...and dark hair with light eyes or incredibly dark has to be on either side of the spectrum cause like its not interesting staring into brown eyes. hmmm....what else. something about him has to be exotic. like some weird heritage or some odd talent or ambition. o0o0 and when he doesnt shave for like three days, he has to be able to look a lil scruffy....i like it rough...hehe....and he cant bitch and moan and complain about everything. And an awesome personality....i cant have a dumb ass who knows nothing and has no opinion. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL....he has to be a challenge. i have to wake up everyday thinking....what is he gonna do today...he must be able to keep me guessing. wow....i guess i am a lil picky. not into the whole MAJOR commitment thing rite now. Like some people are all engaged and talking about staying together thru college. just like...lemme make it thru the year, then we'll see whats up. i like to keep things casual, that way i dun get into trouble....or rather....hurt....but i am going out with him now. its just great tho cause like i dun have to worry about him getting jealous about me chillin with my friends or hangin out with the guys. it just really makes my day when i come home and i dont have to explain every detail....who, what, when, where, and why. he is so laid back and trusting. i think that calms me down a lil cause like...he isnt all anal about who i chill with. and like when someone tells me straight up not to do something, im sure as hell gonna go do it. even if i dun really wanna do it. bothers me when people are like that. oh! and then also....we have the most awesome conversations ever. he is, by far, the most interesting person i have ever met. and tho he wont ever kno it, i like that his political views are almost completely different then mine. i mean its not like we dont have nething in common politically, but it gives me something to get all worked up and passionate about. and the fact that he actually is informed about what is going on in the world....yeah...those of you who dont kno...there IS a world outside of your own little town. How do people not find the world news to be interesting? i dun get it. oh wellz. whatever....people can be ignorant. its not my problem. Actually it is, but i like to pretend its not. so self centered. i need to work on that. And i say the most arrogant things ever. but ima try to stop. im not actually arrogant. i dont really have nething to be arrogant about. OH! hey! i got accepted to Sam Houston AND UTSA! im really excited. thats two outta just waiting for my A&M one. arg....i wish they wouldnt toy with me like this. actually...ima go check the status of my application. I think i've bored you all to death by now. im sorry if you actually read thru this whole thing thinking that it might possibly get more interesting, but i cant tell you the juicy stuff online rite now...its just not appropriate. neway....ill write more laterz.
8:39 PM
Monday, January 06, 2003

Ok yeah, so i guess i havent written in a while but its all good. I had a busted Christmas. It kinda sucked, but it's all gravy. I came home and chilled with like everyone. I decided against chillin with him nemore. Its just not rite. I dunno why. Plus....other stuff has happened. And I'm not saying that what is happening caused all this other stuff to go down, but like i kinda made me realize. but neway....i went out everyday since i got back except sunday night cause i chilled with lara that day. Omg it was hilarious. We went like ALLLLL around the houston area just to get a block away from where we originally were. Lara is a trip. im definately hanging out with her more often. I love the people at church now. I use to not really hang out with them, but they really are da bomb. hehe....remember when people actually said da bomb? lol....just thought i'd flash back for yall. Neway....o0o0 i met this really tite guy recently. He totally rocks. actually...i talked about him before...but kno... ummm di is suppose to call at 10....which it is rite ima bounce and write more laterz. peace.
7:50 PM
Tuesday, December 24, 2002

man....i havent written in a while. Sorry about that folks. i bet its been really boring reading the same blog for like ever. not that your life depends on my blog, but whatever. sooo....a lot of stuff i cant write out on here cause too many people who i dont want knowing my business read this. umm....doesnt make sense does it. lets just say i dun wanna talk about certain issues. is hopefully gonna rock this year. but what i really cant wait for is newyears.....right now im up chillin in michigan...literally. man...i had to go to the candle light thing tonite but i only had a skirt that was slit on both sides and open toed shoes...tell me why my dumb ass did that. neway...i got outside and a breeze inevitably went rite up between my about a chill. i was shivering soooo bad. and everyone was concerned about me...they thought i was getting sick but i was like omg no dumbasses .... look at what im wearing. but its ok cause i looked hot and everyone said so. im trippin....ok gotta finish wrapping presents.
7:59 PM

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

ok so this one is gonna be way long cause i havent written since forever....well not really...just alota crap has happened. See we have been working on this project for english and it is so totally ghetto. Well we shoulda started during the break, but you kno me....wait till the last possible second and then start thinking about doing it. Well neway...the other day, bertie, paula, lonny, and emily came over and we were working in my room. Bertie picked up one of those water toys that slip outta your hand and was playing with it. Now i dunno how the hell she did this, but it popped and went ALL over the place. Now i have this big ass purple stain on my floor. I spent the whole night trying to get it out, but damn....that shit was hilarious cause she screamed soooo loud, and i dunno who was more shocked, us or her. Man it was funny. I swear that girl is accident prone cause later on that night, when me, paula, and her were just chillin, i noticed this big ass hole in the elbow. Well she had no idea how it got there and was totally trippin about it. was funny. oh! then like all this trippy stuff happened with this girl. Cause she was bitchin about all this shit and blamin it on me. And i was like what the hell no. I volunteered to do that shit and she cant be like omg its not good enough. Why the hell didnt she do it herself then? huh? why?! ok...must remain calm. Man, yesterday i fell asleep at my computer....and i was suppose to be writing this 850 word paper, but that totally didnt happen. cansada. its messed up. wellz ima bounce. there are other stories, but ill write about em laterz.
6:19 PM

ok so it was a crazy day. Diana and I were on the way to hobby lobby and we were like in the parking lot. Well diana pulled through a space and then saw other better spaces so she pulled out and went to go park in them. Well we were already in the aisle like straight and going down, and this bitch came up behind us and honked! We were so pissed. She must have been going at least 30 because we looked and no one else was driving in the parking lot besides us. she like cut diagonally all the way through the stupid thing too. But what happened? The whore got outta her car and had the nerve to tell diana, "young girl, you were driving very recklessly and i am going to get your liscense plate # and call your mom." And diana was like WTF? I woulda been like "bitch what?! call my mom and see what happens! She'll beat ya worse then i would!" But diana was trying to be all nice and said "umm excuse me m'am" and she was all sweet about it and stuff. Well this lady was all like "NO!" and closed her car door and started calling someone. so i was like whatever...lets go. And we went inside and called her mom and told her everything. Well di's mom was like "well dont worry. I'll tell her off if she calls for ya". I love her! awww she is so sweet! lol...i can just see mrs. ploch doing that too. hehe. Well then i went to work for this ac dec thing and it was kinda boring, but i got NHS hours. Yeah and im here now too. Well i get 7 hours of credit and i totally needed it but we arent really doing nething right now and its just soooooooo boring. There is some random guy here from some random school. I dunno who he is but liberty and jenny are here too. Its all good i suppose. OH! and then in band we read cosmo...this one had what guys can do to please their the guys are so cute....they were all like is this tru? lol...ok wellz ima bounce...we have to grade scantrons...crazy smart people.
7:48 AM
Thursday, December 05, 2002

omg so now im calmed. I forgot to write things tho and my mom just came home with my bro and there are all these interesting stories. Today in band, we totally skipped out cause it was a region day and annie had this book that was 203 ways to please your man...sexually. so me, dana, annie, greg m, and david read it all class period of those things were just asking for infection. If you really wanna kno...i'll tell you but im not gonna write them cause they are rather umm...provocative? then everyone thought we were having an orgi in the flag room and we were so not, but when i went in there i felt so dirty cause david came up and like humped me...and i was like yeah no. oh! and then i was telling the old canadian joke about how they came up with the name for Canada .... and i was like yeah they put letters in a hat and when they drew them, the guy said its a C-eh, N-eh, D-eh....and then paula was like except you spell it I-A and i was like Canadia? and she was like oh...i thought was funny. And then my bro came home from work and said this Indian lady was trying to use like 5 of the same coupons on 5 of the same kind of item, but you are only allowed to use one coupon per time, so the guy was like you cant do that....and she got all pissy. Awww i love the asians. AWWW and then this boy was shopping at Gerlands and he was like this is really hard and my mom was like what? and he said shopping...i just moved out and she was like you are looking for cheap stuff and she taught him how to shop! awww i love my mom! she is the greatest! and i found a lucky penny! Its a 1969! lol...ok well im in a better mood, so ima go while im ahead.
8:47 PM

ok so my last entry was only a few days ago and now its FREEZING!!! whats up with this madness of weather?! goodness...well its Sugah land...what can i say? oy....not really much has happened to me. I got upset and went shopping with diana and we bought new undies...i bought 3 more pair! it made me feel better. i did it Paula and Rachel and Diana so yay for me! you guys totally didnt think i would follow through. umm...oh! today, my brother was late for work and he actually had the balls to say why didnt you remind me? what the hell?! first of all....i didnt even kno he was working and 2nd, how is it my responsibility to remind him to work?! totally pissed me off. AND THEN ms. big ass thought she was all that and totally talked down to diana and me. I was totally and completely appalled. WTF is wrong with her?! Just cause she is chair of the fucking board doesnt mean she has the right to talk down to us! and what the hell? why did she tell diana? she is VP not Pres and not secretary. If she wanted the info, why didnt she just ask me to mail her the minutes like everyone else? what suddenly diana is in charge of the whole fucking crew? no...thats stupid...and mom said she didnt mean ne harm and she was just being cute but i dont give a rat's ass whether the bitch was trying to be the fucking queen of england! she had no right to act like we shoulda known! and how does she have the right to come up while im on the phone with MY friend? she could have asked me to see the minutes, but no, she had to pick on di....its not like di commited her life to the crew. Why does everyone think that she should do everything? damn...why not ask angela who is suppose to be the leader neway...thats why di gave up that position. Ok...i need to calm down. im done for tonite.
7:58 PM
Saturday, November 30, 2002 about manual labor. Today, my mom made me pick up the leaves after she raked em, but that was just the warm up....i then had to haul all these concrete blocks from one side of the yard to the other. what that point of that was, i'll never know, but i had to do it. Then i had to open the garage door like 500 times because they kept sending me to get some sort of tool...first i had to get the ax, but then the ax wasnt good and sharp so i had to get the saw but it wasnt the right saw then i had to get the bigger saw but then it was too big and then i had to get the big clippers and a new saw and then i had to take the ax kept going like that for a while...neway...the garage door is like one of those old wooden ones so it was kinda heavy for a girl my size to lift over and over again.....why didnt i leave it open? beacause im stupid....crazy yard work, so now my back hurts like crazy and i decided to not go running today because of it but now im all tired. maddness...but i got mexican food! CASA OLE!!! woo was really rather tastey, but i like it when we make our enchilladas at home. oh wellz...less work for me. extremely tired...hehe...i stayed up until 4:20 this morning talking to him for 5 and a half hours yesterday! wow...and he is sweet...ask diana if you dont believe me. he is totally the nicest guy you will ever meet! But liking him more as a friend now...BUT i thought it was really kool cause i found out he has a ranch with like 20 cows and 5 horses...hehe...isnt it great? lol...ok well i wont go on because i kno it bores some and disgusts crazy kids need to get love lives...either that or go of the two...thats my tip for the day...hehe. kinda a boring day for me huh? i didnt do nething, but i did go to the mall yesterday, and i bought new undies...hehe...they make me happy. buying things always makes me happy tho.well i should go. Have fun in the sun while its still nice and cool. i love houston in the winter...a nice cool 70 degrees...hehe and its almost December...crazy.
9:20 PM
Thursday, November 28, 2002

happy turkey day to all! and im not gonna write much today cause im tired, but i do have to tell you about this man at church who i have known since i was a baby. he totally didnt kno who i was today, and called me by the wrong name! oy...whatever...then he gave me this really backhanded compliment, but whatever. the food was good and thats all that matters right? right. oy...i totally gained weight today! yay for me! maybe i'm up to weight now! i hope.
9:55 PM
Tuesday, November 26, 2002

awwwww ok it was totally cute! we went to check out this one random blog which was totally cool so we IMed the girl and told her that her blog rocks. AND then guess what! when i updated the screen, she had added us! woohoo! isnt that kool? awww she is sooo nice. neway...i thought it was funny. he isnt talking to me but is online.... pooh. neway...diana is here and we are chillin. hehe wats new rite? we always chill lol. oh well its kool tho cause we rock and have fun together. hmmm....tomorrow my sister is coming into town from A&M and ima take her to the movies. Awww i love her. she is so much fun....and she always teaches me new and exciting things lol. ok ima go talk to the belizian. bye!
10:06 PM
Monday, November 25, 2002

my bro is getting his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. Poor guy....i have to take care of him on wednesday, and then thanksgiving he wont be able to eat sad! but its all good. you kno what? im sooooo tired of people who think they are superior to all those who surround them. What makes them think that they are better then the rest of the world cause they have more money, a higher IQ, a higher class rank, or a bigger house? thats ridiculous. To call other people dumb because they go to public schools is completely unacceptable and totally immature. I cant believe this guy actually believes he is superior to us because he goes to a floofy private school! and those that always talk about their big ass house...damn im ready to kick their asses....its like they really want you to feel bad about your social status...but its not even their social status...its their parents. Well...i dunno...i really shouldnt trip cause these people that im talking about have basically no social skills what so ever and when they have to fend for themselves in the real world without mommy and daddy there to save their asses, they will fall. They basically live their lives through me. isnt that crazy? they so need to get their own lives! GET LIVES PEOPLE!!!! oy...ok i need to stop ranting...but ima tell him next time he says something like that or rolls his eyes because he doesnt think the conversation is mentally stimulating enough...shoot....maybe he says that because thats the only stimulating thing he will ever have...pompous ass jerk. i cant stand Lex sometimes. neway... OMG I LOST my special guy's #!!!!! can you believe it? i went to call him and it was not there. oy...i feel bad. I had to Email him and he never gets online so i dunno when he will ever find out that i lost it! What if he doesnt? omg oh no! this is totally suckage! what if he thinks im blowing him off cause like monday i was asleep when he called then tuesday when he called, my bro woke me up but i wasnt able to comprehend nething and so he said he'd call me back, but he didnt call back till wednesday. and then we could only talk like for a few minutes and then thursday i was asleep again when he called! then i went outta town this weekend like yall all already kno, so what if he thinks im avoiding his calls?! oh no! ahhhhhhhh ok ima chill and go clean my room. maybe its in there somewhere. oy so dumb.
9:49 PM
Sunday, November 24, 2002

awwww i miss him sooooooo much and i wish he would get online, but i think he went to bonfire....oh wellz...i will call him later. This weekend was a trip tho! i had like THE BEST TIME EVER!!!!! lol....well you was tight. We went to Enchanted Rock and the front side is this really steep incline. neway....we hiked to the top and then took a closed trail down which wasnt really a trail cause you had to make your own path....but it was like pure caves and we crawled through em and were hanging down like steep drops and stuff. It was totally tight. And mr darbonne and mr parker got stuck in this one cave that i could shimmy through. and then mr darbonne got cacti in his butt and jeff made fun but then jeff got cacti on him and then i said see thats what you get but then i got cacti on was trippy. and then we were chillin at the camp fire and kiley was eating this piece of candy and he goes ouch! it got in my filling....and i was like yeah i kno what thats like....and he was like oh yeah how? and i was like well i have fillings too. but it sounded like feelings. was funny. yeah...some other funny stuff happened but it makes me look really dumb, so we wont talk about it. but this weekend was totally awesome. tired so ima bounce.
9:56 PM

Monday, November 18, 2002

awwww ok this weekend was mad hilarious. But first ima tell about my guy thing. HE called on Sunday. it was soooo much fun and i was totally right. Now i miss him. its crazy. omg he didnt think i was really gonna go to A&M but i decided today that i was if they accept me and he totally didnt believe me until i said tu.....AND I DIDNT EVEN FEEL BAD THIS TIME!!! IM SOOOOOOOOO GONNA BE AN AGGIE! WOO WOO and you get to paint the corps dorms if you want and they even supply the paint! wow! ok im a nerd but thats ok. And he said he would call me such a dork...oy. neway...this weekend was mad crazy. There was a car wreck and like everyone in the cruiser turned on everyone in lara's car. and then everyone was like omg im tired, ima go home. so there were 5 of us left, but then we went to a park and the cop came and we all jumped in the car but somewhere along the lines, we acquired a 6th person so we had to squish. neway...i guess we arent in trouble cause the cop never called in lara and lara was like well i wont turn yall in if something is wrong with the park. awww i love lara. lol it was great....then we went to lara's and played uno and football at like 2 AM. then the next day we saw the ring and rocket boy totally told his parents that he couldnt see it with us after lunch...he had too much work to do...what a loser...he totally ditched us. hehe...jk...lara thinks he did tho. i dun mind either way...he seems kool. Neway...the ring wasnt that scary. i dont get scared that easily tho, so that could be why. good graphics tho....i should get paid for these critiques. neway....go see it...its worth it, but not that scary.
9:34 PM

Sunday, November 10, 2002

aww church. this new guy who is really nice came for the first time. and we totally got along. He took one of the twins to prom. awwww...well he is pretty kool...and kinda hot....but shh...dun tell omarr i said that. but then after church me, laura, mr reese, missy, phillip, and mark went to lunch and he couldnt come, but he said he would come next week so i guess thats all good. OMG! missy put the pager for her food on my head and it vibrated and i screamed really loud in Fudrucker's and i yelled "its vibrating my head!" I totally didnt realize until all of fudrucker's was like looking at me funny. DIRTY PEOPLE! Me and mark became better friends which is kool i think. Neway....laura emailed me this one time and told me she thought he was gay and he got the email too! OMG he totally tripped, and rightfully so, but neway..he is definately not gay, but we joked about it alot today cause this gay guy at Starbuck's hit on him. And then missy got the manager to give laura a free dessert cause it is her B-day tom. HAPPY B-DAY!!! LOL...Laura said today in church she wants to be a bar tender and missy said she wanted to be a fire fighter. oy...we said that the only pole that missy was gonna be on was in a strip joint and we said laura was gonna end up an alcoholic. OH! and then they made fun of me for wanting to join the army. I have to gain 7 pounds! AHHH! how the hell am i gonna do that? stupid minimum weight requirements. was fun, and i think we are all gonna go out next weekend after church too, but with Ross this time. Im so confused....i dunno what to do about men. *sigh* I miss him so much, but is it worth it? I mean seriously, am I ever gonna get to see him? Its just really hard and i dont kno if i should put myself thru it. On the other hand, that gives us both the freedom to be able to complete our studies without too much like clinginess. you kno what i mean? .....what do i do?! I guess i dont have to worry about it that much and should just let what happens happen. A&M BEAT THE HELL OUTTA OU!!!!!
5:21 PM